Yedikule Garden Invitation

Yedikule Garden Invitation

Yedikule Gardens Archaeobotany Workshop with Chantel White, PhD
School of Historical Yedikule Gardens
August 14, 2013

For all of you interested in both the history of Istanbul and gardening, who happen to be in Istanbul, we have just been alerted to this fascinating workshop in the 1600-year-old Yedikule gardens.

The archaeobotanist Dr Chantel White, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA, is conducting a special three-hour workshop on how to identify ancient plants, what modern gardens can tell us about the past, and how archaeobotanical studies can be applied to the Yedikule gardens in particular. The workshop will be in English with Turkish translation.

We hope you are able to attend this wonderful and very worthwhile event.

Dr White is preparing an assessment of the area for Yedikule Bostanları, a group of environmentalists, archaeologists, architects, politicians and lawyers, who passionately believe that the lovingly maintained gardens surrounding the land walls of the Old City at Yedikule should be preserved just as they are. Establishing a historical Yedikule garden school is just one of the group’s many inspired initiatives.

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The new Istanbul issue of Cornucopia, out in October, will include articles on Istanbul gardens and flora by David Wheeler, editor of Hortus Magazine (, and the botanist Andrew Byfield (